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From Foddies Collectables
News: We now have many a Beswick cow, Beswick calf and Beswick bull in stock including Hereford,Ayrshire Friesian
Beswick Collection 201311 Beswick Collection Bulls 201311 Beswick Cattle

Beswick Birds

All birds gloss unless stated
Huge selection of collectable figurines from our Beswick Bird collection

Blue Tit 1943-1973 1st version: £25
Bullfinch 2nd version 1973-1998: £19
Chaffinch 1973-2002: £19
Pheasant model number 1225 7.75inches tall: £75
Beswick Pheasant 1225 quality figurine
Chickadee 5.75inches tall 1941-68: £39
Robin 1st version 1942-73: £25
Stonechat matt 1983-92 was £28: £19
Thrush Matt 5.75inches tall 1970-1989: £40
Whitethroat 2nd version 1973-96: £25

Beswick Cattle

A wide range of Hereford cattle from Beswick A wide range of Jersey cow figurines from Beswick Beswick Cattle Beswick Collection Bulls 201311 Beswic Cattle Friesians Beswic Cattle Jersey

Friesian Bull 1956-97: £88
Hereford calf 1406 1956-75: £95
Beswick Hereford Calf 1406 quality figurine
Hereford rare calf 1249E commissioned bet 1975-85: £195
Beswick Hereford Calf 1249e quality figurine
Jersey Bull 1956-97: £110
Shetland rare breeds Cow: £110
Beswick Cattle Shetland Cow quality figurine

Beswick Dogs

Lots of dogs have come in stock including a Airedale,Great Dane,St Bernard,Dalmatian and much more

Dog white with brown ear seated 1934-54: £38
Great Dane: £45
St Bernard 1968-89 Book price £55: £33

Other Beswick Farm Animals

Just come in stock
Beswick ram, sheep and lamb figurines Beswick Farm Pygmy Goat

Black faced lamb 1963-2002: £19
Black faced Ram 1988-2002: £30
Black faced Sheep 1963-2002: £25

Beswick Horses

Nearly sold out of horses at the moment

Pinto Piebald black and white 1972-89: £120

Other Wild Animals From Beswick

If you are after anything in particular contact us

Chamois 1958-71: £35
Beswick Wild Animals Chamois quality figurine
cub lion 1967-84: £24

Beswick Beatrix Potter

We at time to time get many collections with the same character in stock so are able to offer these at great prices-first come first served basis for example Ginger the cat
Beswick Beatrix Potter R1 Beswick Beatrix Potter R2

Amiable Guinea pig 1967-73 Book price £275: £150
Amiable Guinea pig 1974-83 Book price £125 : £53
Beswick Beatrix Potter Amiable Guinea Pig Made 1974-83 quality figurine
Amiable Guinea pig Style two 2000-2002: £39
Beswick Beatrix Potter Amiable Guinea Pig Made 2000-2002 quality figurine
Anna Maria 1974-83: £39
Beswick Beatrix Potter Anna Maria quality figurine
Appley Dapply 1998-2002: £19
Beswick Beatrix Potter Appley Dapply quality figurine
Aunt Petitoes 1974-85 Was £44: £32
Beswick Beatrix Potter Aunt Petitoes quality figurine
Benjamin Bunny 1973-4 Shoes out ears out: £35
Benjamin with lettuce leaf 1998-2002: £18
Cecily Parsley 1st version 1973-85 Bk price £65: £32
Cottontail 1985-88 Was £33: £29
Beswick Beatrix Potter Cottontail quality figurine
Cousin Ribby 1974-88 was £33: £29
Beswick Beatrix Potter Cousin Ribby quality figurine
Fierce Bad Rabbit Was £35 1977-1980 1st version Book Price £75: £32
Beswick Beatrix Potter Bad Rabbit 1st Version quality figurine
Ginger 1976-82 Book price £300 Was £199: £125
Goody Tiptoes Book Price £50 was £28: £23
Beswick Beatrix Potter Goody Tiptoes quality figurine
Hiding The Cat 1998 Tableau: £66
Beswick Beatrix Potter Hiding The Cat quality figurine
Hunca Munca BP3 1973-88 Was £32: £25
Beswick Hunca Munca quality figurine
Jemima Puddleduck 1974-89 : £30
Beswick Beatrix Potter Jemima V2 quality figurine
Lady Mouse BP3 1973-88 Was £35: £32
Little Pig Robinson 1974-88 Was £35: £32
Beswick Beatrix Potter Little Pig Robinson quality figurine
Mr Drake 1985-1988 Book price £60 was £44: £33
Beswick Beatrix Potter Mr Drake quality figurine
Mrs Flopsy Bunny 1998 BP10b: £25
Mrs Rabbit 1975-1988 was £33: £25
Beswick Beatrix Potter Mrs Rabbit quality figurine
Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies 1985-88: £28
Beswick Beatrix Potter Mrs Rabbit And Bunnies quality figurine
Mrs Tiggywinkle 1974-88: £30
Beswick Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggywinkle quality figurine
Mrs Tiggywinkle washing BP8a Book price £125: £75
Mrs Tittlemouse 1974-88 was £35: £32
Mrs Tittlemouse style 2 2000-2002: £32
Beswick Beatrix Potter Tabitha Twitchit quality figurine
Old Mr Brown 1974-85 Was £30: £25
Beswick Beatrix Potter Old Mr Brown quality figurine
Pigling Bland 1998-2002: £15
Poorly Peter Rabbit 1976-88 was £44: £35
Ribby 1974-88 Was £30: £22
Beswick Beatrix Potter Ribby quality figurine
Samuel Whiskers 1974-85 Was 338: £34
Timmy Willie from Johnny Townmouse 1974-88 was £35: £32
Tom kitten in the rockery 1998-2002 Bk price £50 : £28

English Country Folk

made between 1993-1999
Beswick English Country Folk

Fisherman otter: £28
Gardener Rabbit: £29
Gentleman Pig: £30
Huntsman fox Was £40: £33
Beswick Country Folk Huntsman Fox quality figurine
Hiker badger ECF6: £33
Mrs Rabbit baking: £33
Lady pig: £33

Flintstones family

Just found extra Beswick Bamm Bamm Figures in the stock cupboard so offering for sale at the knock down price of 18
These are boxed and in great condition
Limited Edition made in 1997 only

Dino Flintstone: £30
Flintstones Pebbles: £28
Flintstones Bamm Bamm Was £28: £18

Pig Promenade Band

Beswick Pig Prom Band

Andrew Cymbal Player: £29

Winnie The Pooh From Beswick

Pooh The Bear 1968-1990: £29
Beswick Winnie The Pooh quality figurine

Beswick Cats Chorus

Sold out at the moment
Beswick Cats Chorus Band

Beswick Fish

Lots of beswick Trout in stock

Kitty Mcbride

Great Mice Figures Made Between 1975-1983

Beswick Paddington Bear

Beswick Rupert The Bear

Boxed and certificate unless stated

Rupert and Algy go carting ltd edition made 2000 only: £95

Beswick Sporting Characters

sold out at the moment
Beswick Sporting Characters

Beswick Thelwell

Made between 1982-1989
These have their original boxes

An Angel on horseback Book price £150: £110
Kick start Book Price £150: £110

Other Beswick Characters

Beswick Wind In The Willows

This is a small example of the stock available so please contact us to hear about any exciting new items that may have just come into stock.

e-mail us at

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